These resources are for you to use.  I would be grateful for any feedback on them or indeed any suggestions regarding what you might find helpful in the future.

Powerful Presentations

Professional presentations can be a challenge: keeping to the point, keeping the attention of the audience and keeping to time. Many of us dread this aspect of our work. This 12 minute screencast will help you to plan your presentation for a variety of professional settings and feel more confident the next time you are asked to present.

Making the most of Reflection.

This screencast suggests ways you can use reflection for learning, assessment and to provide evidence whilst avoiding potential pitfalls.

Surgical Training in the Operating Room - Safely Building Confidence in Trainees.

Keynote Lecture 2 delivered by Lisa Hadfield-Law, at the N Spine 2013 Meeting which was held at the Nottingham Conference Centre, Nottingham, United Kingdom between 5th - 8th September 2013 -

Orthopodcast interview 2016 Surgery

The Ultimate Placebo15-minute Orthopodcast interview with Professor Ian Harris, trauma surgeon and author. He explores how to stop the surgical malaise of ignoring good science and how to handle the situation in clinical practice. Ian suggests that there needs to be more acceptance of a surgeon who says “I’m not sure that you’ll be better with surgery, so it would be better if we avoided it”, without being accused of neglect, incompetence or a lack of bravery.

What makes a good surgical trainer?

This screencast explores what makes a good surgical trainer, based on characteristics of previous silver scalpel winners.

Principles of learning

This screencast explores the principles of learning for surgeons which should underpin all teaching episodes from one to one through to small groups through to large groups: and from teaching in surgical practice to teaching on courses.

Core Training Essentials

To help core surgical trainees plan how to get the very most from their training.  This screencast explores what it takes to be a top notch trainee, how to access good learning opportunities, how to draft your own learning agreement and making the most of reflection.

Orthopaedic Surgeons Education

How do you give a great surgical lecture with Pete Bates.